EY-Parthenon Ringvaart Regatta



The registration period for the 43rd EY-Parthenon Ringvaart Regatta hasn’t started yet. If you have got any questions, please contact the organisation.

Teams can register from March 17, starting 12:00, until May 6, 2018.

The rowing fees for the 43rd EY-Parthenon Ringvaart Regatta are:

Single sculls € 55     (+ €5 Deposit)
Pair € 95     (+ €5 Deposit)
Four € 185   (+ €5 Deposit)
Eight € 295   (+ €5 Deposit)

By registering for the 43rd EY-Parthenon Ringvaart Regatta, to be held on the 6th of June 2017, you declare that Rowing Club LAGA is neither liable nor responsible for personal injury or damage to material during participation of the Parthenon-EY Ringvaart Regatta. Furthermore, you confirm that you are a sufficiently experienced swimmer, and that you are aware of the rules and regulations found under the Regulations tab of this website. To register please use the dutch registration page. or contact us at ringvaartregatta@laga.nl.

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