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EY-Parthenon was formed in 2014 after a merge of Parthenon Group and EY – the global strategy boutique now has 30 offices in 17 countries where more than 900 professionals are employed.

EY-Parthenon advises top management of leading companies and institutions in Europa, the US, Asia and Australia with their strategic issue. In terms of sectors, the focus in the Netherlands and Belgium is on Private Equity, Retail, FMCG, Logistics  & Transportation and Travel & Leisure.


The work in practice
The job of a consultant is diverse and brings great responsibilities. You will work in teams on various assignments in different sectors. The work idepends on the project you are working on, but range from the analysis of client- or market data and making model analysis to interviews. You analyze the findings with your team to come to answers. Eventually you present that opinion to the
client. When working in teams, you learn constantly from each other.
Our teams are keen on working on site at the client. We work with real clients together and achieve a truly worn advice. On Friday we work in the office as often as possible to also not lose sight of each other and share experiences.

Career opportunities
A career in EY-Parthenon is modeled on continuous growth as a consultant and person. You start as an associate with learning the trade. If you’re powerful you become a consultant and you fulfill gradually a more senior role in the team. Are you sufficiently versed in it you become manager, and eventually perhaps Vice President and Managing Director. The speed with which you grow mainly depends on your own development. At each stage of your career you will find that you are constantly challenged and given a lot of responsibility.
We also offer internship opportunities.

Who are we looking for?
Talent, dedication and enthusiasm are more important than what study you have done. Important keywords are: superior analytical skills, strong curiosity, entrepreneurial, motivated, mature, no-nonsense mentality.
You have to work in teams and have a positive and critical attitude. Engineering students, (business) economists and econometricians with a broad social interests often appear to meet this profile.

Introduction opportunities
Before you actually come to apply to us, it is good to already get an idea of the work at Parthenon-EY and especially the people. EY-Parthenon regularly organizes a course strategy or other inhouse days for which you can aplly. For all other introduction opportunities on our website www.parthenon.ey.com.

Valérie Schoorlemmer (recruiterment intern)


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