“Toervolger” Track and Trace

Instructions Toervolger Track and Trace

Requirements for track & tracing:
1. A mobile phone (smartphone) with GPS support and a constant
internet connection. You need at least 20MB of mobile internet.
2. Access to your ‘Toervolger’-account. This is the account which is used
to register and manage your team.
Steps for installation
1. Download the applicatation from the Play Store (Android) and install
the application on your mobile phone (name of the application:
Tourmonitor Tracker).
2. Open the application. The application will ask you for a registration
3. Log in on the website with your personal account.
4. Go to “T&T instellingen”.
5. Go to “Voeg een Track & Trace apparaat toe”.
6. Fill in a name for your mobile device (could be determined by your
own) and send those (‘verstuur’).
7. A registraion key (“Registratie sleutel”) will appear. Use this
registration key in your application to complete your registration.
8. Use the button “Controleer verbinding” to check your connection.
To keep in mind:
1. It is allowed to connect more than one mobile device to your team
account. If you connect more than one mobile device to your account,
you could use the tracker for a longer time without using an extra
battery. Make sure that only one mobile device will track at the same
2. If you use some energy-saving application(s), it is possible that one of
those will close your Tracker at a certain moment. To prevent this, you
have to close your energy-saving application or change the settings of
your application, so the energy-saving application won’t close your
Tracker application. In case of any doubts, please close the energysaving
3. Make sure your mobile device will use the mobile internet during
4. Make sure the GPS is turned in.
5. Make sure your battery is full enough at the start. Even if there is an
extra battery.

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