In the first table all records starting from the year 2012 are found. The old records, from before the year 2012, can be found in the second table. Distinction is made because the Ringvaart Regatta was officially measured in 2012 and its length changed to exactly 100km.

Men’s Octuple ScullsM8*07:24:35R.V. Breda2013 
Men’s EightM8+07:15:09D.S.R.V. Laga2014 
Men’s Coxed Quadruple ScullsM4*08:41:00D.S.R. Proteus-Eretes2014 
Men’s Quadruple ScullsM4x07:56:01R.V. Rijnland2015 
Men’s Coxed FourM4+08:50:47D.S.R. Proteus-Eretes2018 
Men’s FourM4-08:02:19Combination Daventria/R.V. Naarden2016 
Men’s coxed C fourMC4+08:55:37D.S.R.V. Laga2012 
Men’s coxed C Quadrupple ScullsMC4*08:00:55Neuwieder Ruder Gesellschaft2018 
Men’s Coxed Double ScullsM2*09:56:40AROSS2012 
Men’s Double ScullsM2x08:22:41K.R.&Z.V. De Maas2013 
Men’s Coxed PairM2+10:39:49D.R.V. Euros2015 
Men’s PairM2-08:31:47Combination Daventria/R.V. Naarden2014 
Men’s coxed C pairMC2+13:36:37D.S.R.V. Laga2018 
Men’s C double scullsMC2x11:22:20AROSS2015 
Men’s C Double Sculls with coxMC2*10:16:01AROSS2016 
Men’s Single ScullsM1x08:16:55R.V. TOR2014 
Men’s Clinker Build Single ScullsMOv1x10:28:19R.V. TOR2016 
Men’s Volans skiffMv1x10:02:25A.R.V. de Grift2014 
Men’s single wherryMW1*12:05:48R.V. De Laak2014 
Men’s single wherryMW2*11:21:44DDS2016 
Women’s Octuple ScullW8*09:19:07D.S.R.V. Laga2015 
Women’s EightW8+08:05:47D.S.R.V. Laga2016 
Women’s C EightDC8+09:51:09A.R.S.R. Skadi2016 
Women’s Coxed Quadruple ScullsW4*9:44:19R.V. De Hertog2012 
Women’s Quadruple ScullsW4x 
Women’s Coxed FourW4+10:43:21U.S.R. Triton2012 
Women’s FourW4-08:35:40A.R.S.R. Skadi2014 
Women’s coxed C fourWC4+10:04:51D.S.R.V. Laga2014 
Dames coxed C Quadrupple scullsWC4*14:11:49A.L.S.R.V. Asopos de Vliet2015 
Women’s Coxed Double ScullsW2*   
Women’s Double ScullsW2x08:57:29R.V. Breda2012 
Women’s Coxed PairW2+   
Women’s PairW2-   
Women’s coxed C pairWC2+   
Women’s coxed C Double ScullsWC2*11:10:44Thames Valley Skiff Club2015 
Women’s Single ScullsW1x08:39:20R.V. De Laak2014 
Women’s Clinker Build Single ScullWov1x   
Women’s Volans skiffW1x11:47:01Volans Rowing2014 
Women’s single wherryW1*16:07:09A.L.S.R.V. Asopos de Vliet2015 
Mixed Octuple Scull8*09:05:16URV Viking2016 
Mixed Eight8+08:12:00D.S.R. Proteus-Eretes2016 
Mixed Coxed Quadruple Sculls4*08:10:42R.V. Rijnland2015 
Mixed Quadruple Sculls4x09:23:21A.L.S.R.V. Asopos de Vliet2013 
Mixed Coxed Four4+   
Mixed Four4-   
Mixed coxed C FourC4+13:31:31D.S.R. Proteus-Eretes2016 
Mixed coxed C Quadrupple ScullsC4* –   
Mixed Coxed Double Sculls2*10:43:08R.V. ‘t Diep2013 
Mixed Double Sculls2x08:15:02R.V. Breda2014 
Mixed Coxed Pair2+13:09:41U.S.R. Triton2015 
Mixed Pair2-09:58:30K.D.R.&Z.V. De Dordtsche2015 
Mixed coxed C PairC2+   
Mixed C Double ScullsC2x09:33:21De Laak2013 
Mixed C coxed Double ScullsC2*10:30:43DDS2016 
Mixed Clinker Built coxed 2Ov2+13:41:36W.S.R. Argo2016 

OLD RECORDS These records are of before the year 2012 when the length of the Ringvaart Regatta was changed to exactly 100km.

Men’s Octuple ScullsM8*6:07:09E.R.V. Beatrix1997Men’s Worldrecord
Men’s eightM8+6:26:55D.S.R. Proteus Eretes1988 
Men’s Coxed Quadruple ScullsM4*6:41:23DDS1990 
Men’s Quadruple ScullsM4x6:33:30Donaubund Wien1992 
Men’s Coxed FourM4+6:29:43Union Sportive1993 
Men’s Coxed FourMC4*7:15:31U.R.V. Viking1986
Men’s FourM4-8:22:25D.S.R. Proteus Eretes2002 
Men’s Coxed Double ScullsM2*8:56:53R.&Z.V. De Amstel2001 
Men’s Double ScullsM2x7:03:46Lia Wien1993 
Men’s Coxed PairM2+8:18:30Skadi/Okeanos2008 
Men’s PairM2-9:07:12D.S.R.V. Laga2011 
Men’s Single ScullsM1x7:48:29R.C. Mullheim1990 
Men’s Clinker Build Single ScullsMov1x12:05:21G.S.R. Aegir2010 
Men’s single wherryM1*10:33:33R.&Z.V. De Amstel1995 
Women’s Octuple ScullsW8*7:56:31R.V. DDS2001 
Women’s EightW8+7:50:07A.R.S.R. Skadi1989 
Women’s Coxed Quadruple ScullsW4*7:25:55R.V. DDS1994Women’s Worldrecord
Women’s Quadruple ScullsW4x8:44:52K.A.R.&Z.V. De Hoop1995 
Women’s Coxed FourW4+9:20:34A.L.S.R.V. Asopos de Vliet1998 
Women’s FourW4-   
Women’s Coxed Double ScullsW2*9:47:19R.&Z.V. De Amstel2010 
Women’s Double ScullsW2x8:04:20R.&Z.V. De Amstel2005 
Women’s Coxed PairW2+   
Women’s PairW2-9:11:11A.R.Z.V.2011 
Women’s Single ScullsW1x8:21:30Michiel de Ruyter1998 
Women’s Clinker Build Single ScullsWov1x   
Women’s Single WherryW1*13:38:48DRV Euros2010 
Mixed Octuple Sculls8*6:43:32R.V. De Laak2000 
Mixed Eight8+7:15:57R.V. De Laak1997 
Mixed Coxed Quadruple Sculls4*7:54:23E.S.R. ThĂȘta1995 
Mixed Quadruple Sculls4x8:18:30Roosendaalse2010 
Mixed Coxed Four4+9:23:49Asopos/Euros1997 
Mixed Four4-   
Mixed Coxed Double Sculls2*11:35:47R.V. ‘t Diep2002 
Mixed Double Sculls2x7:59:51RIC/Beatrix2005 
Mixed Coxed Pair2+12:10:06W.S.R. Argo2004 
Mixed Pair2-11:20:00N.S.R.V. Phocas2010 
Mixed Coxed 1616*   Longest competing entry: 32 meter

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