After last year’s success in adding an extra competitive element to the Ringvaart Regatta, the 43rd edition will feature an extra competitive element as well. Instead of a 6.6-kilometer time trial on the Kaag, a sprint of 600 meters will be added. This sprint will take place 600 meters before the finish for all spectators to see!

The sprint differs from most regattas in the sense that various boat classes will contest each other directly. The only distinction that will be made is between men and Women. For each participant of the sprint trophy a so called ‘golden standard’ (target time) has been determined. Each contestant must try to beat this time. The team that does this the best, will be crowned the winner of the Sprints. There will only be one winner… Will it be you?


The classes presented below are enrolled automatically for the Sprints, as soon as the EY-Parthenon Ringvaart Regatta has been started. Participation is allowed for all crews. The golden standards (target times), as determined by the organization.

Participating boat types
1x V1x 2+ 2- 2x C2+ C2* W2*
4+ 4- 4* 4x C4+ C4* 8+ 8*

The symbols used in the above table are explained below:

Symbol Explanation Symbol Explanation
1, 2, 4, 8 Number of rowers * Scull, coxed
C C-type boat x Scull, coxless
V Volans + Sweep, coxed
W Wherry Sweep, coxless


The sprint trophy course consists of the last section of the route of the full EY-Parthenon Ringvaart Regatta course. The exact course is available below.

The winners of the Sprints will receive an extra price, an exclusive Ringvaart rowing suit for every crew member! Furthermore, your victory will be honorably mentioned during the award ceremony of the EY-Parthenon Ringvaart Regatta and you’ll be given the winners cheque!


The regulations for the Sprints can be found here.

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